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     Product Description 

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           <h3 class="a-spacing-small"> Multiple Compartments with super durability </h3> 

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                This Cable Case Is Made Of Waterproof And Shockproof Nylon Material
                 Strong And Durable Material With The Padded Foam
                 Protect All The Things Inside Well Against Scratches

                 ELASTIC BAND  
                Keep All Your Electronics Accessories And Various Cables Together
                 Keep All Gadgets In One Place
                 Keep Your Important Devices In Reach

                 MULTIPLE COMPARTMENTS  
                High Quality And Smooth Zipper
                 Seagull organizer helps you keep all your electronics accessories and various cables together. like Cords, Memory Cards, USB drive, Charger, Pens, external battery, can also cover cosmetics, school stationery, or toys, etc.
                 Take Your Charger Cable Or Any Other Electronic Accessories In A Short Time

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            <h3 class="a-spacing-mini"> ADUJSTABLE PADDED DIVIDERS </h3> 
            Do You Have An Issue With Keeping Track Of Your Stuff?
             Do You Have Too Many Things To Pack When Traveling?
             Do You Worry About Spilling Water, Coffee, Soda On Your Electronic Accessories?
             Are You Looking For A Solution?
             Why Not Use Our Electronic Organizer Cable Bag?

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            <h3 class="a-spacing-mini"> A great Partner for a great Product </h3> 
            Mobile Holder/ Mobile Stand can charge while watching series or while working.
             Fits all mobile phones
             Good sturdy material
             The perfect companion for our valued customers

    <br>【ADJUSTABLE COMPARTMENTS】 : Seagull electronics organizer has several compartments and mesh pockets, which keep your electronic accessories neat and tidy. You can adjust the compartments according to the size of your accessories and tools.<br>【TECH BAG IN LATEST DESIGN】 : A must-have item for cable management, travel accessories storage. The sleek design is also sure to be eye catching while traveling, on business trips or during meetings.<br>【RELIABILITY】 : A totally reliable bag, starting from fabric selection, offering excellent fibre strength, sustainability, water repellent performance, which is 30% better than nylon. You will be surprised to feel the texture when receiving our electronics organizer.<br>【A great Partner for a great Product】: A stylish Seagull Flight Of Fashion Mobile Holder as a value add to our customers; making it the perfect companion.


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