what is computer in english? A pc is a programmable digital gadget that accepts uncooked information as enter and processes it with a set of directions (a program) to supply the outcome as output. It renders output simply after performing mathematical and logical operations and might save the output for future use. It may well course of numerical in addition to non-numerical calculations. The time period “laptop” is derived from the Latin phrase “computare” which implies to calculate.

A pc is designed to execute functions and supplies quite a lot of options by way of built-in {hardware} and software program elements. It really works with the assistance of applications and represents the decimal numbers by way of a string of binary digits. It additionally has a reminiscence that shops the info, applications, and results of processing. The elements of a pc comparable to equipment that features wires, transistors, circuits, onerous disk are known as {hardware}. Whereas, the applications and information are known as software program.what is computer in english

It’s believed that the Analytical Engine was the primary laptop which was invented by Charles Babbage in 1837. It used punch playing cards as read-only reminiscence. Charles Babbage is also referred to as the daddy of the pc.

The essential elements with out which a pc can’t work are as follows:

what is computer science



  • Processor: It executes directions from software program and {hardware}.
  • Reminiscence: It’s the major reminiscence for information switch between the CPU and storage.
  • Motherboard: It’s the half that connects all different elements or elements of a pc.
  • Storage Machine: It completely shops the info, e.g., onerous drive.
  • Enter Machine: It permits you to talk with the pc or to enter information, e.g., a keyboard.
  • Output Machine: It allows you to see the output, e.g., monitor.

Computer systems are divided into differing kinds based mostly on completely different standards. Based mostly on the dimensions, a pc could be divided into 5 varieties:

what is computer in english
what is computer in english

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  1. Micro Laptop
  2. Mini Laptop
  3. Mainframe Laptop
  4. Tremendous Laptop
  5. Workstations
1. Micro Laptop:

It’s a single-user laptop which has much less pace and storage capability than the opposite varieties. It makes use of a microprocessor as a CPU. The primary microcomputer was constructed with 8-bit microprocessor chips. The frequent examples of microcomputers embody laptops, desktop computer systems, private digital assistant (PDA), tablets, and smartphones. Microcomputers are usually designed and developed for common utilization like shopping, looking for info, web, MS Workplace, social media, and so on.

2. Mini Laptop:

Mini-computers are also referred to as “Midrange Computer systems.” They don’t seem to be designed for a single. They’re multi-user computer systems designed to help a number of customers concurrently. So, they’re usually utilized by small companies and corporations. Particular person departments of an organization use these computer systems for particular functions. For instance, the admission division of a College can use a Mini-computer for monitoring the admission course of.

3. Mainframe Laptop:

It is usually a multi-user laptop able to supporting 1000’s of customers concurrently. They’re utilized by giant corporations and authorities organizations to run their enterprise operations as they’ll retailer and course of giant quantities of information. For instance, Banks, universities, and insurance coverage firms use mainframe computer systems to retailer the info of their clients, college students, and policyholders, respectively.

4. Tremendous Laptop:

Tremendous-computers are the quickest and most costly computer systems amongst all sorts of computer systems. They’ve large storage capacities and computing speeds and thus can carry out hundreds of thousands of directions per second. The super-computers are task-specific and thus used for specialised functions comparable to large-scale numerical issues in scientific and engineering disciplines together with functions in electronics, petroleum engineering, climate forecasting, medication, house analysis and extra. For instance, NASA makes use of supercomputers for launching house satellites and monitoring and controlling them for house exploration.

5. Work stations:

It’s a single-user laptop. Though it is sort of a private laptop, it has a extra highly effective microprocessor and a higher-quality monitor than a microcomputer. By way of storage capability and pace, it comes between a private laptop and minicomputer. Work stations are usually used for specialised functions comparable to desktop publishing, software program growth, and engineering designs.

Advantages of Utilizing a Laptop: what is computer in english
  • Will increase your productiveness: A pc will increase your productiveness. For instance, after having a primary understanding of a phrase processor, you possibly can create, edit, retailer, and print the paperwork simply and shortly.
  • Connects to the Web: It connects you to the web that permits you to ship emails, browse content material, achieve info, use social media platforms, and extra. By connecting to the web, you can too connect with your long-distance family and friends members.
  • Storage: A pc permits you to retailer a considerable amount of info, e.g., you possibly can retailer your tasks, ebooks, paperwork, motion pictures, footage, songs, and extra.
  • Organized Information and Info: It not solely permits you to retailer information but in addition allows you to arrange your information. For instance, you possibly can create completely different folders to retailer completely different information and data and thus can seek for info simply and shortly.
  • Improves your skills: It helps write good English in case you are not good at spelling and grammar. Equally, in case you are not good at math, and do not have an amazing reminiscence, you need to use a pc to carry out calculations and retailer the outcomes.
  • Help the bodily challenged: It may be used to assist the bodily challenged, e.g., Stephen Hawking, who was not in a position to communicate used laptop to talk. It additionally can be utilized to assist blind individuals by putting in particular software program to learn what’s on the display.
  • Retains you entertained: You need to use the pc to hearken to songs, watch motion pictures, play video games and extra.                                                                                                                                                                                                          The pc has turn into part of our life. There are many issues that we do in a day depending on a pc. A few of the frequent examples are as follows:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               1.  ATM: Whereas withdrawing money from an ATM, you’re utilizing a pc that allows the ATM to take directions and dispense money accordingly.                                                2. Digital foreign money: A pc retains a report of your transactions and steadiness in your account and the cash deposited in your account in a financial institution is saved as a digital report or digital foreign money.                                                                    3. Buying and selling: Inventory markets use computer systems for everyday buying and selling. There are a lot of superior algorithms based mostly on computer systems that deal with buying and selling with out involving people.                                          4. Smartphone: The smartphone that we use all through the day for calling, texting, shopping is itself a pc.                                                                                              5. VoIP: All voice over IP communication (VoIP) is dealt with and finished by computer systems.
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